Cleaning should be fun!

Welcome home guys, we’re delighted to tell you about us – Love Cleaning. We have been through some adjustments in how we work and what we work for. We’ve been working as a cleaning service unit (specializing in carpet cleaning) for several years with high rates and recommendations from customers since 2005. In 2022, we shift our goal into providing general and specific information on cleaning tips and tools for users right on our site. Let’s take a seat and have tea with us!

So, it all started with a passion for cleaning….

Period 1: A unit specializes in providing cleaning services (2005 – 2022)

Owner, and IICRC Certified Master Cleaner, Greg Love had been working in the carpet cleaning industry since 1977. After working both independently and with RC Willey, he bought out RC Willey’s cleaning department in 2005 and formed the current Love Cleaning business.

Love Cleaning continued to work closely with RC Willey, providing cleaning services for their fabric warranties and carpet. Love Cleaning also provides regular warranty cleanings for Guardsman (Valspar) fabric and Dupont/Stainmaster carpet. Love Cleaning was the go-to cleaner for many companies throughout Utah.

Period 2: An all-about-cleaning information page (2022 – Present)

In 2022, we decide to end our cleaning service journey and shift to a new goal – growing our cleaning passion stronger through a community, and the starting point is this information site. 

We’re delighted to provide you with all-about-cleaning tips, equipment, tools, and so on. With a huge passion for cleaning, we hope to save your day from a long-hard tiring day with a clean space, which can just boost your mood in the blink of eye. 

Thank you for being here with us, no matter whether you are an old friend or a new visitor, we all welcome you on board.

Love Cleaning team with tons of appreciation.

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